I work with schools in the Denver metro area and all over the United States.

My workshops for teachers are interactive and span concerns of all grade levels from Kindergarten through high school. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Organizing, managing, and troubleshooting the writing workshop
  • Developing curriculum maps and designing focus lessons to move writers through a year-long study of various genres
  • Differentiating instruction in the writing classroom to meet the needs of all learners: English Language Learners, writers who struggle, gifted writers, and reluctant writers
  • Formative assessment (this is applicable to all subject areas, not just writing)
  • Writing across the curriculum
  • Conferences: Using talk effectively in the writing workshop (including ideas about one-to-one conferences, peer conferences, and effective use of author’s chair)

I have presented on these topics at conferences from Portland, Oregon to Fairfax County Virginia, and in workshops from upstate New York to North Carolina to the western slope of Colorado.


Below is a quote from a teacher who sent me an e-mail during the school year after attending a three-day institute with me in the summer of 2008:

Last year my goal was to improve my writing instruction. I actually love to write, but absolutely hated to teach it. As a first year teacher, of course, that was just one problem that I needed to face. So I ended up taking your class, and what an inspiration it was. Last week I had my first formal observation, and I chose to be observed during writing time. My assistant principal was in awe at the progress I’d made, and of course, I told her aobut your class and how helpful it was. And now that I am writing the cover sheet for my records of teaching, I am mentioning the one class that I will always remember as the one that changed my perspective on teaching writing. My 3rd graders love writing time! And it’s actually become my favorite part of the day.

Yvana P.,  Denver Public Schools

Please contact me with any inquiries:


4 Responses to Consulting

  1. Rebecca Thompson says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes! How do we hire you as a presenter or a consultant? What is the cost?

  2. Amber heidemann says:

    Hi mark,
    I attended a conference with you in Denver in the cherry creek district. I have since moved to Gilbert AZ. I love teaching writing and have used Lucy for years. I am working in a school/district that only provides prompts for student writing. I am working with my team to use Lucy and allow students to choose the freedom to write what they choose and with purpose. They are struggling with letting go and also conferring. After my long explanation my question is whether you travel to other states to conference? When is your next one in Denver? I would really like to see you again and bring my colleagues.

    • markovermeyer says:

      Hi Amber! Thank you so much for your e mail!
      Sorry for the delayed response! I have been out of the country consulting in International Schools…
      I work in districts around the country (and now overseas) to support implementation of reading and writing workshops. If you know of a school in your area that may host a writing workshop presentation, I can work something out.It is easiest to contact me via e mail (

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