About Mark

Mark OvermeyerMark is a native of Colorado, and received his education at the University of Northern Colorado, Colorado College, and University of Colorado at Denver. Mark has worked for more than 20 years in Cherry Creek Schools near Denver, Colorado as a classroom teacher in grades 2-6, a special education and Title I teacher, and a coordinator for gifted programming.

“I became a teacher because school has always felt like home. I never considered another profession. I began working in schools as a senior in high school. . . .I consider myself a lifelong learner, and so teaching is the perfect profession. Teaching is a process: an art that can never be perfected because each day brings new challenges. I work to become a more effective teacher every day, but I always know there is more to learn.”

During the summers, Mark teaches classes for M.A. candidates in literacy at the University of Colorado. He is also an instructional coach for the Denver Writing Project, which is a part of the National Writing project. “I support teachers who are accepted into our summer intensive institute by helping them develop model lessons in writing,” Mark says.

When it comes to professional development, Mark strives to model a process for writing that teachers can take back to their classrooms. “I try to make my staff development useful and concrete, but I push myself to think beyond the event itself. I listen to the needs of teachers during my presentations. I encourage interactive sessions so teachers have the opportunity to share their best thinking with colleagues.”

Mark grounds his presentations in his own work with students and teachers and he is always current on research in writing instruction. As he was working on his book, he spent a lot of time brainstorming and thinking prior to writing. “As I write, I tend to find my way as the words begin to form into thoughts, and then phrases, and then sentences. As soon as my ideas become very clear, I write two to three times per week, staying with each chapter until it is complete.”

When Mark is not busy teaching, speaking at national conferences, or writing, he likes to travel and read and write poetry.


7 Responses to About Mark

  1. Shawn Larson says:

    Saw you last week at the Harvey Workshop but failed to tug on your arm a bit about boys in writing. Currently reading your second book after devouring your first one on the writing workshop. I write often and have found boys to be very excited to write in my class. Could be that I am a male to identify with but would rather attribute it to things I have picked up from authors like you, Graves, Ray, Leograndis, Heard, and many others. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on writing for us to better reach our students.

  2. markovermeyer says:

    I cannot believe I didn’t notice this before! How are you? SO LONG since we have talked. Please contact me via my e mail (markovermeyer@gmail.com) and we can catch up.

  3. Lee Waldman says:

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with you. Would you mind sending me your email.
    Lee Waldman

  4. Katie DeBord says:

    Your ears might be burning – a pic was posted on FB of our 6th grade graduation and Matt Giere directed us to you. You were one of my all time favorite teachers and my most memorable teaching moments in grade school were with you. I still remember most of Yellow Submarine, We are the World, and Ebony and Ivory in sign language, and I have vivid memories of the income disparity unit. It was my first exposure to poverty, classism, and racism and it stuck with me. I am so happy that you’re continuing to share your gift with students and I would love to catch up with you!

    Katie DeBord – Mr. Overmeyer’s class of 1986

    • markovermeyer says:

      Thank you, Katie – it means the world to me that you would write to me after all these years. I loved teaching 6th grade, and I remember you and your classmates. It was a privilege to be your teacher.

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