New DVD!

My DVD on writing conferences,  How Can I Support You?  is available now from Stenhouse. You can view a free preview clip online.

I am very happy with the outcome of this project… none of the conferences are “perfect”, but, I believe that no conferences are perfect. I do my best as a teacher/learner to listen as much as I can to what kind of support I can offer my students. I think this comes through in the DVD. I definitely want to teach all of my writers something, but I want to meet them where they are so I know what they are ready to hear and to try.

The DVD features conferences with 3rd grade essay writers and 5th grade narrative writers. One of the conferences is in a guided writing format, and there is also a peer conference between two students.

I hope the DVD can help teachers to be more confident with their conferences!

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4 Responses to New DVD!

  1. Patrick Allen says:

    Congratulations again, Mark. Love the preview…

    • markovermeyer says:

      Thanks, Patrick! Reading your book inspired me and helped me, as all good mentor texts do… I hope you are well!


  2. Rose Cappelli says:

    Congratulations, Mark!

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