New from Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson, author of Stenhouse titles Mechanically Inclined and Everyday Editing, has a new book out! Jeff has been a mentor and friend for many years, and I was lucky enough to read the galleys of his new book last summer. Jeff is one of those gifted writers and teachers who can make us think without making us feel guilty. He provides practical advice framed in brain research and the thinking of philosophers, poets, and physicists.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter “Motion” from Jeff’s Ten Things Every Writer Needs to Know:

How many times have you avoided writing something as a student or a professional? How many times did you fret, suffer, wait, avoid? Then, when you finally began writing, something akin to hitting the first domino happened – the rest of the dominoes toppled. Sweet freedom. Whenever the dominoes stop falling, we simply have to tip the next domino to begin again…

I don’t want students to suffer alone with page fright…


Jeff made me think about writing as movement when I first read this chapter. Moving sounds so much less daunting than “drafting” or “crafting”. If we can help our students just move the pencil across the page or move their hands across a keyboard, then we have set them up for success. Once they are willing to move, they will no longer fear writing.

Thanks, Jeff, for another wonderful book!

You can order Jeff’s new book here:

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