Inspiration from Poets & Writers Magazine

The most recent Poets & Writers magazine is all about inspiration. Kevin Nance describes how inspiration for writing can come from so many everyday places: an overheard comment on a plane, random text messages, a billboard slogan, a pop song you haven’t heard for years.

Nance writes:

“Every writer recognizes this as the arrival of an idea, the appearance of a keyhole through which you can glimpse a room that contains a poem, a story, or a novel. You still have to find the key that unlocks the room; that happens as you proceed to develop the idea.”

We must live in the world so we notice things others pass by. This is a writer’s work.

As teachers, we must help our students understand how to live so that they, too, can notice, and then develop, ideas.

Pick up a copy of the latest issue of Poets & Writers for inspirational ideas from dozens of poets, short story writers, and novelists.



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