New from Georgia Heard

Georgia Heard, author of  Awakening the Heart, has a new book on teaching primary students about the wonder of nonfiction reading and writing.

Though the audience is mainly primary teachers,  A Place for Wonder is full of inspirational advice for all teachers and writers. Georgia’s basic premise is that in the world of standards-based tests we must still make room for wonder. We should encourage questions and wonderings from all of our students, and, if we want to reach students of any age, it wouldn’t hurt to wonder about things ourselves as well!

Georgia’s book is full of great ideas, practical advice, and classroom anecdotes. My district is encouraging all elementary school teachers to keep teaching more science, and this book is the perfect companion for any teacher or school system that is interested in using science as a jump-start for literacy instead of the other way around.

If students are encouraged to wonder, observe, record their observations in pictures and text, read about their wonderings, and notate their findings, imagine what literate, curious learners we will nurture!

Thank you, Georgia, for your continued inspiration.

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One Response to New from Georgia Heard

  1. Mrs. V says:

    I loved this book. I am going to pull it out and reread again for ideas to do with my daughters over the summer (they will be 7 and 4). I remember loving the observation window and the idea to cut out frames to lay on the ground and observe what goes on in that section of ground.

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