New Nonfiction Resource

0496 I am always searching for new titles about nonfiction resources. 

But, I am often disappointed by these resources because they do not always help me create ideas for how to use nonfiction texts during writing time, not just reading time.

Well, look no further than Nonfiction Mentor Texts by Lynne Dorfman and Rose Cappelli if you have the same issue. They provide practical, classroom tested ideas for literally hundreds of well-written, impeccably researched texts. And I thought I knew about all the great nonfiction texts out there! Trust me – you will find some new jewels in this book –  and some amazing ideas for writing.

I will share two titles with you here – one I knew about, and one that is new to me:

Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies is not a new title for me, but I had not thought enough about how it might be used as a writing mentor text until Dorfman and Cappelli renewed my passion for Nicola’s books. Surprising Sharks is certainly not a “report” – and aren’t we glad! I can see students getting excited to write about animals in very creative, authentic ways the minute you share this book. Pick this one up if you are not familiar with Nicola Davies! I think it is her best title.

A new book (for me) Dorfman and Cappelli discuss is Throw Your Tooth Off the Roof. If you are studying various cultural traditions with your students, this book will be a perfect mentor text. It is highly engaging, full of information, and could spawn some personal narrative writing as well as writing about cultural traditions…

Thank you, Lynne and Rose, for your inspiring book. If only I had it when I first began teaching… all of those “reports” would have been so much more interesting for students to write and for me to read. I think a subtitle of your book could be “No More Reports!”

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